TheSportive Package

The Sportive Package

Ever wanted to complete a challenging Sportive? Well now you can thanks to the support and training from us at Greenmount Coaching.

This is the training plan for completing any Sportive created by us at Greenmount Coaching.

This plan contains information on everything you need to do to get yourself ready.

  • To follow the plan a FREE TrainingPeaks account is advisable but not needed.
  • With a Heart Rate Monitor and a bike computer/phone that can upload to TrainingPeaks you can track your progress.
  • The plan includes downloadable workouts, stretching and nutrition suggestions.
  • Ideally you will need between 4 hours and 8 hours per week to train in the weeks leading up to the event to be in great condition.
  • You can create an athlete account and purchase this training program through TrainingPeaks, click below for more info.
  • Price €99 for this 8 week package.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Sportive Package

I am new to cycling - can I do it?

Yes is the answer. If you can get some of the basics right. An easy to follow plan. A bike. Some time to prepare each week. A bit of support and encouragement from friends and family.

How long are Sportives?

Sportives can be 50km up to 100+km

What type of a bike do I need?

A racing or hybrid bike with a narrow tyre would be best. Bikes with a wide tyre like a mountain bike are much harder to get up to speed.

Do I need a TrainingPeaks account?

Yes, you do need a TrainingPeaks account to be able to view your planned workouts. A Basic (free) account will do.

Are there additional costs once I purchase the plan?

It depends on your equipment and which of these steps you can achieve.

  1. You will need to set up a TrainingPeaks account if you don’t have one. A basic account is free and will allow you to see the planned workouts and advice on your phone app or computer/laptop.
  2. If you have a heart rate monitor/bike head unit that will record and upload/sync your workouts to TrainingPeaks then you have everything you need to analyse and track your workouts in TrainingPeaks. For example if your device can sync to GarminConnect then it is good to go.
  3. Only some head units/turbo trainers will allow you to download the workouts from TrainingPeaks to use while you are on the bike. Please check with your manufacturers website to see what is possible with your equipment.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

The plan is for all 8 weeks so please have a good look at the summary before you purchase. If you have any questions please email us.

Why is the price of the plan in dollars?

The training plan is hosted in the TrainingPeaks Training Plan shop. This shop is based on dollars.

FAQ didn’t help? Feel free to ask us anything before purchasing here

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